NumXL 1.64 is here

December 25, 2016: We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of NumXL: 1.64 (TURRET).

In this release, we have revamped the NumXL program and support resources to fully-support multiple languages. Currently, we included Spanish and additional languages (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.), which are planned for future releases. The additional languages will help our non-English-speaking users utilize NumXL to its fullest.

In addition to many fixes, we have significantly expanded the output documentation for each generated report in Excel to better describe and explain the calculation in tables and charts to help you make sense of your analysis.

We’ve also added a new functionality called Periodogram. Our Periodogram function will help you calculate the significance of different frequencies in time series data to identify any periodic signals if there are any.

Lastly, we have made a few key enhancements to the installation and license activation process. For installation, the program will now run for users with non-administrative privileges, prompts fewer screens and steps, and quickly sets up the NumXL add-in. For the license activation, we automated the subscription renewal process, so that NumXL would detect changes in the subscription status (e.g. renewal, cancellation, etc.), alert the user, and then automatically update the license information stored in the user’s machine.

The idea for this update came from you, the customers. As always, we have just made the analysis process better by providing you with tools that would answer your questions about the data.

Check out a video below that shows some of the features of NumXL 1.64. For a complete list of the changes, please refer to the NumXL 1.64 release notes.




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