NumXL 1.65 (HAMMOCK)

Official Version of NumXL 1.65 (1.65.43334.1)

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(Aug 22, 2018) NumXL 1.65.43334.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Resigned all binary files with the renewed digital secure certificate.

 (Aug 8, 2018) NumXL 1.65.43320.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] EGARCH_CALIBRATE returns #VALUE for valid inputs.

(Jan 29, 2018) NumXL 1.65.43129.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] ARMAX Wizard returns #VALUE in output table.
  2. [Fixed] Hurst exponent function returns infinity for data series with significant sequence of constant values.

(Nov 28, 2017) NumXL 1.65.43067.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Fourier Transform wizard throws an error in a worksheet with a very long worksheet tab names.

(Aug 22, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42968.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Improved checking for universal CRT files on the user's machine, prior to NumXL installation. .

(July 14, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42930.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Excel crashes when Quantum XL (From SigmaZone) and NumXL Add-ins are both enabled/Loaded in Excel.

(July 10, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42922.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Support for multiplicative trend/seasonality type when log-transform is enabled in the GESMTH function.

(June 23, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42908.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Enhanced] Installer verifies that Windows OS and Microsoft Excel meet the minimum requirements.

(June 6, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42892.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] On Windows 7/8/8.1 machines with missing required UCRT Windows Update (KB2999226), an error is triggered upon Excel startup: "Error during initializing the locality system".

(May 30, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42885.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] GESMTH return #N/A, when trend-type is set to None (0).
  2. [New] (Windows 10 requirement) Dual Code Signing with SHA1 & SHA256 hashing Algorithm for NumXL components.
  3. [New] (Windows 10 requirement) Time-stamping the NumXLUI (Toolbar) VBA code signing certificate using SHA256 Algorithm.

(May 22, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42877.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [Fixed] Intermittent error occurs during the initialization of the locality subsystem.

(May 19, 2017) NumXL 1.65.42872.1 (1.65 Hammock)

  1. [New] Forecasting performance measures: MASE, PB, MSE, MRAE, MdRAE, GMRAE, etc.
  2. [New] Generic single seasonality exponential smoothing function.
  3. [New] Support for additive/multiplicative seasonality, (damped) additive/multiplicative trend, adjustment for forecast error auto-correlations, and more.
  4. [Enhanced] Integration help system in Excel with online documentation.
  5. [Enhanced] Revamped the calibration of the optimal smoothing parameters for existing functions.
  6. [Enhanced] Performance enhancements and efficient memory utilization.
  7. [Fixed] Several reported defects and bugs.
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