Reseller FAQ

Q1) Some manufacturers require purchasing their maintenance/support programs when we purchase their product. Is yours optional or mandatory?

Answer: The support, maintenance, and update services are either included with the subscription (Annual and Semi-Annual) or optional as this is the case for the perpetual license.

  • For subscription type license, there is no separate payment needed.
  • For perpetual license: the 1st 12-month are included for free, after that, the end-user is given the option to keep or cancel. The decision has no impact on their right to use the current version of the program. However, if they decide to forgo the Premier Support after the first year, they will only have access to that current version and not any future updates after the date their Premier Support expires.


Q2) Do you require the end user information or a signed License Agreement from the user, when ordering?

Answer: No


Q3) What kind of media does this have? CD-ROM /USB /Download?

Answer: We only offer download.


Q4) Where is the product shipped out from?

Answer: Officially, the product is sold from the USA, and all support material are either available online (via the support portal) or downloaded with the program.


Q5) What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: Yes, we accept credit cards and many other payment methods.


Q6) Does the license belong to the registered user (meaning the registered user is the only person who can use the software), or a machine (meaning the software can be shared with other people who use the machine)?

Answer: The software belongs to a single registered user. The end-user may have multiple installations, but only on the machines that he/she has exclusive access and control on. The software can't be shared.


On a separate note: we also offer a classroom site license for 25+ licenses (or seats), in this case, the software is installed on all lab machines, and students of the class can use the software on any machine.   For this type of license, the cost of this type of license is determined by number of seats:


Q7) To purchase your products with academic price and/or student price, do you have any restrictions of the source of funding?

Answer: No. As a reseller, you are my customer, and the end-user is yours.


Q8) For download orders, can you send us download/license info to our company email address? Then, we would like to forward download/license info email to our end-user customer.

Answer: Yes, your company will be the financially responsible party for the license, not the end-user, so you’ll receive the invoice and the license info.


Having said that, we need to know the end-user information (name, contact, emails, etc.) before we can issue the license key so that end-user can activate the key on their machine and receive support from us.

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