NumXL 1.66 (PARSON) Enhancements

NumXL 1.66 (1.66.44070.1)

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(Aug 30, 2020) NumXL 1.66.44070.1 (1.66 Parson) 

  1. [Enhancement] Support for X12ARIMA lazy-loading of user's model files from disk. 

 (Aug 6, 2020) NumXL 1.66.44047.1 (1.66 Parson) 

  1. [Enhancement] Several performance enhancements for X12ARIMA calculation, to support workspace with hundreds of seasonally adjusted data models connected with the live data feed.
  2. [Fixed] Updated the security code signing certificate. 

(Jan 30, 2020) NumXL 1.66.43860.1 (1.66 Parson) 

  1. [Fixed] Failed to validate the semi-annual license activation for obscure cases where the number of days between today and the next renewal date exceeds 182 days.
  2. [Fixed] Incorrect Help file shortcut in the NumXL start menu.
  3. [Fixed] Incorrect subscription mode in the About NumXL box.

 (Jan 24, 2020) NumXL 1.66.43854.1 (1.66 Parson) 

  1. [Fixed] Excel 365 (on Windows 10) crashes upon exit sporadically.
  2. [Fixed] License manager fails to activate the license key if the e-mail address contains any upper-case letter(s).

 (Dec 15, 2019) NumXL 1.66.43814.1 (1.66 Parson) 

  1. [Fixed] Invoking GLM Wizard throws the "Hidden module" VBA error.

(Dec 2, 2019) NumXL 1.66.43798.1 (1.66 Parson) 

  1. [New] forecast performance measure - MDA.
  2. [New] Statistical Sampling functions - NxShuffle, NxSort, NxChoose, NxSubset.
  3. [New] Technical analysis: moving-average NxMA , and exponential moving average NxEMA.
  4. [New] filters: NxCMA (MA, Henderson, Spencer, etc.), NxSMA (Seasonal MA).
  5. [Enhanced] Interpolation (1-D):  added two spline interpolation methods: Akima and Steffen's (monotonic) - NxINTRPL
  6. [New] Interpolation (2-D): two(2) dimensional bi-linear and bi-cubic interpolation methods.
  7. [New] Non-parametric one(1) dimensional Regression:
    1. K nearest neighbor (K-NN) regression - NxKNN
    2. Kernel Regression - NxKREG
    3. Local Regression - NxLOCREG


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