I never received my 14-day trial key, what do I do?

I have installed NumXL on my machine, and at the last step, I requested a free 14-day trial license key: I entered my name and email address. I waited for the license key to arrive, but it never did. What is wrong?


  • This can be traced into two primary causes:

    1. The user typed an incorrect email address: The license manager application checks for the email address syntax, but it can't verify that the email address corresponds to a valid account at the time when you request.
    2. The user typed the correct email address, and a 14-day trial key is issues, but, for some reason, our email landed in your Junk or Spam Inbox..

    First, allow 5-10 minutes for the email to arrive, then check your Junk/Spam mail folders for an email from support@numxl.com. If you can't find one, launch our License manager (Start menu --> NumXL --> License Manager), check your email address (stored in license manager), and submit another request.

    If you believe that you have done everything correct, and you have yet to receive the trial key, contact us at support@numxl.com for assistance.

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