Where do I find NumXL License Manager?

I have NumXL already installed, and I want to enter a new key and/or activate it. Where do I find NumXL License Manager?


  • The License manager can be located in Windows "Start Menu":

    • Windows 7 - Look for NumXL program group, and then, click on License manager.
    • Windows 8 - Search for License manager, and locate/click NumXL License manager in the results set.
    • Windows 10 - Click on "All Apps", scroll down to letter "N", locate NumXL program group, expand the folder, and click on License Manager.

    Before the license manager can be launched, windows will prompt you for permissions to launch this app. Click on "Yes".


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  • To locate NumXL License manager in Windows 10. Click on "Start Menu"

    1. Click on "All Apps"
    2. Scroll down to "Letter N", and locate NumXL Folder W10-N-NumXL-MENU-COLLAPSED.jpg
    3. Now, click on the down arrow on the right to expand the folder and click on "License Manager" W10-N-NumXL-MENU-EXPANDED.jpg



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  • To locate NumXL License manager in Windows 7. Click on the "Start Button"

    1. After clicking on the "Start Button" The NumXL License Manager may show on that screen. Just Click it.** If it does not show*, please follow **steps 2-4*.


    1. Click on "All Programs"


    1. Find the** NumXL Program Folder** and click it.


    1. The folder will open and now NumXL License Manager should be showing. Click "License Manager". 


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