NumXL 1.60 APACHE is going into Beta

The latest update to the NumXL software you’ve been waiting for is almost here. But we first need your input.

In addition to many bug fixes, the new beta version includes extra functions every analyst should have access to.

With NumXL 1.60, you will be able to perform principal component analysis, a multi-collinearity test and a Chow test for regression stability through a simple, user-friendly interface.

You will be able to conduct your regression analysis by specifying a model or letting NumXL select the best one, using step-wise or principal component regression. The function also uses advanced diagnosis and can check your results and input data for influential observations.

The data, models and analysis are linked, so you can easily maintain everything in your worksheet.

After the completion of beta testing, NumXL 1.60 will be officially released.

We encourage our customers to join the beta program by contacting our beta support team at for information about the program and instructions for downloading NumXL-beta.


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