NumXL SDK is here

We are excited to announce the availability of NumXL SDK 1.63! The NumXL software development Kit (SDK) allows users to develop custom statistical and econometric applications for Microsoft Windows.

You can download the SDK directly from GitHub for free! There is absolutely no cost for using the SDK in your custom applications, yet every new user of your application would require a NumXL license from us, which means we only make money when you do.

An important question posed in development projects is, should I use a 3rd party library or build my own? At Spider Financial Corp, we are specialists in statistics and econometrics, which would save you the trouble and cost of hiring specialists in that field. We also add value by saving your time and effort in writing the code. Even though you might not have total control on development, NumXL is well tested and has proven quality. And the cherry on top is that it’s completely free.

NumXL SDK supports a variety of development environments including C/C++, .NET, and VBA.


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