NumXL 1.5 (FINAL)

(June 14th, 2011) - NumXL 1.5 (FINAL) - Official Release


  1. [NEW] (Start Menu) Custom icons, shortcuts
  2. [NEW] (Start Menu) NumXL is now stored in own folder, rather than under Spider Financial
  3. [NEW] (Start Menu) License Manager and uninstallation now available
  4. [NEW] Can detect previous installation (SP3 and lower)
  5. [NEW] Can detect whether Excel is running before installing or uninstalling
  6. [REVISED] Installation time and pages have been cut down, enhancing user experience by removing unnecessary steps
  7. [REVISED] Enhanced installation readability, use, and stability
  8. [REVISED] Enhanced support for single-user installation
  9. [UPDATED] New graphics, logo
  10. [UPDATED] (License Manager) automatically launches at the end of installation, is not dependent on the installation any more (can be launched at a later time)
  11. [UPDATED] (License Manager) Direct Connection automatically shows license key, if available/activated previously
  12. [UPDATED] (License Manager) Manual Activation includes license key, if available, and machine ID
  13. [FIXES] Miscellaneous code fixes and enhancements
  14. [REMOVED] Documentation and case-studies from installation, moved to website

User Interface (UI)

  1. [NEW] Airline, Forecast Models
  2. [NEW] Nag Window
  3. [NEW] Excel 2003 has now custom icons relevant to NumXL
  4. [UPDATED] Excel 2007 and 2010 icons
  5. [FIXES] Enhances usability, miscellaneous fixes


  1. [UPDATED] New models, examples
  2. [MOVED] Moved the documentation from the installer to the website
  3. [REVISED] Help file


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