NumXL 1.53 (SAC)

(April 25th, 2012) - NumXL 1.53.41023.1 - New version (1.53 SAC)

  1. Added functions for transform algorithms: BoxCox, seasonal Difference (DIFF), Integration (INTG), etc.
  2. Added functions for time series smoothing techniques: (Brown's) simple exponential smoothing, (Holt-Winters's) double exponential smoothing, (Brown's) Linear exponential smoothing, and, revamped weighted moving average function
  3. Re-organized function categories: the functions are organized under nine categories: Descriptive stats, Statistical tests, Transform, Smoothing, ARMA Analysis, GARCH Analysis, Combo models, Factor Analysis, and Utilities.


  • *(April 26th, 2012) - NumXL 1.53.41025.1 (SAC) - Maintenance release I *

    1. Revised Documentation - Updated the help file and corrected the URL to our online documentation.
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