NumXL 1.58 (BAJA)

Latest official version of NumXL 1.58 (1.58.41197.1)

Download NumXL 1.58 TUCSON (32-bit)                                                                

For 32-bit version of Microsoft Office                           

(October 15, 2012) - NumXL 1.58.41197.1 (1.58 BAJA)

  1. New: HASNA function checks whether the input array contains missing value(s), and returns TRUE or FALSE.
  2. New: SUBNA function returns an array of cells of a time series after substituting all missing values with the mean/median, user defined or an interpolated values.
  3. Enhanced: Search for optimal values of the smoothing factors in the exponential smoothing functions (i.e. SESMTH, DESMTH, LESMTH and TESMTH).
  4. New: Histogram Wizard.
  5. New: QQ-Plot Wizard.
  6. New: Normality Test Wizard.
  7. New: White Noise Test Wizard.
  8. New: ARCH Effect Test Wizard.
  9. New: Stationary Test Wizard.


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