NumXL 1.51 (ORB)

(September 23th, 2011) - NumXL 1.51 (ORB) - Maintenance Release

  1. improvement product diagnosis and troubleshooting
  2. major enhancement on the license management
    • retrieve license key
    • generate new license key automatically
  3. forms made simpler
  4. integrated with new manual activation form online, for activation code
  5. various minor fixes


  • (November 11th, 2011) - NumXL 1.51.40857.1 (ORB)- Maintenance release (I)

    1. Several Enhancements to the license Manager.
    2. Minor fixes for license activation for trial and permanent-key users.
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  • *(November 16th, 2011) - NumXL 1.51.40863.1 (ORB)- Maintenance release (II) *

    1. Minor enhancement and fixes for license activation.
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  • *(December 30th, 2011) - NumXL 1.51.40907.5 (ORB)- Maintenance release (III) *

    1. Fix for Ticket #901734 - AIRLINE_FORESD over-estimates the forecast errors and the forecast confidence interval.
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  • *(January 20th, 2012) - NumXL 1.51.40927.3 - Maintenance release (IV) *

    1. Resolved issues related to regional/international settings on non-English Windows and Microsoft office (e.g. decimal point interpretation, solver add-in listing, etc.
      (blog: Issues reported with Spanish version of Excel )
    2. Resolved an issue related to MS Excel Solver 2010 which yield to sub-optimal calibration. This was due to a new default (introduced for Excel 2010) for Non-negative values constraints.
      (FAQ: The calibration with Excel 2010 Solver does not give optimal coefficients.)
    3. Fixed an issue related to missing first constraint (stable model check) in the Excel Solver Dialog Box. This issue related to a limitation on Excel Solver, but we added a workaround for it.
      (FAQ: Why does the calibration function in NumXL shows the constraint's rhs of 0.9999?)
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