NumXL 1.57 (SINGA)

Latest official version of NumXL 1.57 (1.57.41171.2)

Download NumXL 1.57 SINGA (32-bit)                                                                

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(September 19, 2012) - NumXL 1.57.41171.1 (1.57 SINGA)

  1. Fixed: GARCHM_FORECI function returns #VALUE! when realized sigmas argument is missing.
  2. Fixed: GARCHM and GARCH model unctions return #N/A when the argument for the innovation distribution type is missing.

(September 17, 2012) - NumXL 1.57.41168.2 (1.57 SINGA)

  1. New support for U.S. Census X-12-ARIMA modeling - Seasonal adjustment, trend filtering, model identification and forecast.
  2. New function for Utilities: Least squares regression.
  3. New functions for Empirical distribution : kernel density estimate (KDE), Empirical distribution function (EDF) and its inverse.
  4. New functions for statistics of fit: SSE, RMSE, RMSD, MAPE, MAE, and others.


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