NumXL 1.52 (ORB)

(January 26th, 2012) - NumXL 1.52.40934.5 - New version

  1. Revamped support for generalized linear models (GLM):
    • Added a new menu, toolbar and Wizard to assist user with GLM construction
    • Added support for two new link functions: probit and complementary log-log, for the Binomial GLM
    • Added support for calibration using Excel solver.
    • Added residual diagnosis and Goodness-of-fit functions (e.g. GLM_LLF, GLM_AIC, GLM_RSQ).
  2. Fixed an issue in license manager related to network time-out during the activation process.
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    Support Team

    (April 3rd, 2012) - NumXL 1.52.41002.5 - Maintenance release (I)

    1. Enhanced support for annual licensing/subscription
    2. Permitting NumXL to run in Full/Pro mode for 7 days (grace period) after fresh install without a license key
    3. Various minor fixes
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    Support Team

    (April 19th, 2012) - NumXL 1.52.41018.1 - Maintenance release (II)

    1. Fixed Issue - Excel 2003 users get "Solver: an unexpected internal error occurred, ..." error message when they use the calibration menu and toolbar.