NumXL 1.64 (Turret)

Official version of NumXL 1.64 (1.64.42788.1)

Download NumXL 1.64 TURRET (32-bit)                                                                Download NumXL 1.64 TURRET (64-bit)

For 32-bit version of Microsoft Office                            For 64-bit version of Microsoft Office

(Feb 22th, 2017) - NumXL 1.64.42788.1 (1.64 TURRET) Update III

  1. [Fixed] In Excel 2007, the X12-ARIMA wizard throws an error when user presses "run" button. 

(Jan 16th, 2017) - NumXL 1.64.42751.1 (1.64 TURRET) Update II

  1. [Fixed] Excel Solver crashes under Windows 7 (32-bit) with one(1) (or less) GB of memory. 

(Jan 5th, 2017) - NumXL 1.64.42740.1 (1.64 TURRET) Update I

  1. [Fixed] Selecting non-empty output cells range triggers an error in multi-colinearity test wizard. 

(Dec 25th, 2016) - NumXL 1.64.42724.1 (1.64 TURRET)

  1. [New] Multi-language support infrastructure support. 
  2. [New] Include Spanish localization.
  3. [New] Support for Re-sampling functionality.
  4. [New] Support for periodogram functionality.
  5. [Enhanced] Auto-detect subscription renewal, and automatic license reactivation.
  6. [Dropped] Support for Installing NumXL for all users on local machine.
  7. [Dropped] Support for Excel 97/2003. Minimum requirement for running NumXL is Excel 2007 or later.


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