I clicked on the icons in NumXL tab/toolbar, but nothing is happening.

If you find that you're able to see the NumXL toolbar, but when you click an icon there no wizard or pop-up. This is because of Excel's security permissions. This is one of Excel's way of keeping your information safe and we're going to show you how to give NumXL permission to run.

If you have a security warning or alert please complete the following steps or watch the How to Set Excel Security Permissions video below. If you do not have the security warning please scroll down to the next section.

  • Select the "Options button that is shown with the security warning. 
  • Then please check the "Enable all code published by this publisher section"  

If you do not have the security warning or you find that the "enable all code published by this publisher" does not exist please following the remaining steps where we show you how to use Excel's Trust Center to give NumXL permission to run.

  • Switch to the "File" tab  
  • select "Options"  
  • Click Trust Center Tab"  
  • Click "Trust Center Settings" button"  
  • click "Add-ins" tab"  
  • Click Trust Center Tab"  
  • Double check that the "Disable all application Add-ins" is left unchecked"  
  • Then click the "Macro Settings"  
  • Make sure that "Enable All Macros" is selected.   
  • Click "OK" at the bottom of the window.
  • Lastly, please exit and restart Excel


You should now have access to all of NumXL functionalities. If you're still having problems you can always contact us at support@numxl.com


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