Post-installation checklist

  • Verify Start Menu Folder
    • Under Start --> Programs, there is a new program group/folder, NumXL , containing 3 items: Examples, Documentation and Installer
  • Launch Microsoft Excel
    • If you selected the UI component during the installation, you should see the following user interfaces:
      1. Excel 2003: A new NumXL menu is appended to Excel's menu (just before Help), and a floating Toolbar is created

        floating tool bar

      2. Excel 2007/2010: A new NumXL tab is inserted into the Excel Ribbon

        NumXL 1.5X Toolbar in Excel 2007/2010

    • Under the Add-in manager in Excel (2003-2007), you should find NumXL 1.5 listed and checked.

      The Add-in manager in Excel showing NumXL and NumXL UI listed after installation

  • Using the Function wizard (i.e. press the "fx" button on formula editor toolbar), examine the new NumXL functions registered with Excel.

    The Insert Function dialog in Excel showing NumXL different categories

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