Installation Process

NumXL is shipped with an installation program that automatically copies the program files onto your computer and configures the correct settings into Excel. To properly install NumXL, first download the latest version. Then close Excel and run the downloaded file to start the installation process. The installation will be completed in a few seconds.

download form STEP 1: Run the setup program (i.e. NumXLSetup.exe).

IMPORTANT: Microsoft Excel should not be running during the installation of NumXL. The installer will detect a running instance of Excel and prompt you with a warning.

The installation program prompts users with terms and condition of the end-user license agreement (EULA). You will need to agree with these terms by clicking "I agree" before continuing with the installation. Please note that a copy of the EULA file is copied during the installation into the installation folder on your local machine for future reference.

license key STEP 2: The installation program gives users the option to installer the program for all users on the local machine (requires an Administrator user-account) or for only the user account in which the installer program is running. If the user does not have sufficient permission, only one option is displayed (only for me).

license keySTEP 3: The installation process copies files and configures the program(s) on your system.

Congratulations, the installation is now complete! Click "Finish" to exit the installer, and enjoy using NumXL!


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