License Key Activation

To unlock the full functionality of NumXL (i.e., professional) during the trial period or permanently, a license key must be registered and activated for your computer. If you choose not to activate, NumXL will continue to run but in a restricted mode.

You can activate your product license key during installation and/or at any time using the License Manager program.

1. Launching the Activation Process

At the end of the installation process, the program will ask you if you wish to register and activate your key. This is an optional step, and you may skip it. Please remember that until you register your key, NumXL will pop up a reminder message box every time you launch Microsoft Excel.

You can run the installer program at any time post-installation and launch the license key activation process. You can find the installer program in the Start Menu on your system (i.e., Start --> Programs --> NumXL). For Windows 8, there are no program groups, so use the search function to find the NumXL License Manager.

2. Activation Methods

There are two separate methods to activate your license key: Direct connection and manual activation.

Option 1: (Direct Connection Activation)

NumXL License manager with direct activation mode enabled.

In this case, you must have a live internet connection to access our central repository. There will be no information transmitted from your machine except for what you authorize.

Collecting user and license information for NumXL direct activation method.

Using the direct connection method, the program displays the license key and any user information on file. You modify any of these values. All information will remain on your local machine unless you agree to send it to us by checking the checkbox on the screen. Once you have made your changes, click "Next" to finalize the key activation process.

Option 2: (Manual Activation)

If you have an activation code and wish to enter it manually, please choose this method.

Manual license activation method in NumXL License manager.

To activate the license on your machine, click on the "Get Activation Code" button. This will launch your browser and open the activation wizard on our website,

Manual activation license and machine information collection page, click on button to launch the activation wizard on our website.

On the webpage, enter the license key, Host ID, e-mail into the form, and click on the "submit" button.

Upon successful activation, the activation form generates and displays the activation code. Please note, the activation code corresponds to the license key and the computer (Host ID) that you have specified earlier.

Please select and copy the activation code, then paste it into the License Manager's activation code field. Click on Next.

Successful license key activation screen in NumXL License Manager setup.

Finally, the program records the registration information on your local machine and presents you with a summary page. Click "Finish" to exit the activation.


  • In Windows 8, there is no program groups. Instead, use the search functionality to locate the License manager program.

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