End of Support for Microsoft Excel 2007

Back in July 2017, Microsoft announced the "End of life for Office 2007" was effective on October 10, 2017, and Microsoft advised its office 2007 users to upgrade Office 365 or ProPlus.

What does this mean?

Microsoft Office 2007 users don’t have any support, program updates, or patches from Microsoft since Dec 2017, leaving their computers exposed to errors as well as security threats. 

Why should you care?

In NumXL 1.65 (Hammock), we have supported our users with Excel 2007 installation, and have published fixes and workarounds, to the best of our ability, to issues related to our product under Excel 2007. 

Going forward, starting from our upcoming release of NumXL 1.66 (PARSON), we have moved up the system minimum requirement to Excel/Office 2010.

For our customers with Office 2007, we strongly recommend that you start planning to upgrade your MS Office installation to the latest version of office (i.e. Office 365 or 2019 ProPlus), at your earliest convenience. 

The main goal of our NumXL support team is to provide our customers with the best technical support and help with problems, to make the best use of your NumXL.

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