NxCALWKND - Weekend for a Given Calendar

Returns the weekend number of a 7 character string, calendar code, or currency. Each character represents a day of the week, beginning with Monday.



NxCALWKND(calendar, Return_type)

calendaris the calendar code (e.g. US, NYSE, CBT), name or alias. If missing, the US Government calendar is used. It may also be the country code or currency.

Return_type is a switch to select the return output (1 = weekend number (default), 2 = 7-character string code).



  1. See Calendars for a list of currently supported calendars.
  2. If the calendar is not recognized (i.e. not supported), NxCALWKND returns the #VALUE! error value.


  Formula Description (Result)
  =NxCALWKND (US,2) 0000011

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