X12AFORE - Forecasting for X12-ARIMA Model

Returns the forecast value and/or confidence interval limits for the X-12-ARIMA model.


X12AFORE(Model, Step, Return)

is a unique identifier that designates an X-12-ARIMA model created earlier with the X12 Wizard.
is the offset of the target data point beyond the end of the input time series sample. If missing, NumXL assumes step = 1.
is a number that determines the return value type: 1 (or missing) = forecast value, 2 = C.I. lower limit, 3 = C.I. upper limit.
Value Return
1 or omitted Forecast mean value (default).
2 The lower limit of the confidence interval.
3 The upper limit of the confidence interval.


X12AFORE() function is deprecated as of version 1.67: use the X13ASFORE function instead.


  1. The underlying model is described here.
  2. If the model's identifier is not recognized, X12ACOMP returns #VALUE!.

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