X12AFORE - Forecasting for X12-ARIMA Model

Returns the forecast value and/or confidence interval limits for the X-12-ARIMA model.


X12AFORE (model, step, return)

Required. Is a unique identifier that designates an X-12-ARIMA model created earlier with the X12 Wizard.
Optional. Is the offset of the target data point beyond the end of the input time series sample. If missing, NumXL assumes step = 1.
Optional. Is a number that determines the return value type: 1 (or missing) = Forecast Value, 2 = C.I. Lower Limit, 3 = C.I. Upper Limit.
Value Return
1 or omitted Forecast mean value (default).
2 The lower limit of the confidence interval.
3 The upper limit of the confidence interval.


X12AFORE(.) function is deprecated as of version 1.67; use the X13ASFORE(.) function instead.


  1. The underlying model is described here.
  2. If the model identifier is invalid or not recognized, the function returns "#VALUE!"

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