NxMatch - Regular Expression (regex) Match Function

Returns TRUE if the string matches the regular expression expressed.



NxMatch(string, Pattern, partial, Ignore_case)

string is the input string to match for.

Pattern is the regular expression (regex PERL-style) to match the input string with (e.g. ^Thi[sS].*$).

partial is a flag/switch to indicate whether a substring or a partial match (search) is permitted or to only consider full-string match. If missing or omitted, partial is set to TRUE.

Ignore_case is a flag to instruct the function to ignore the letter-case in the string. If missing, ignore_case is set to TRUE.



  1. Currently, NxMatch supports regular expressions using PERL-syntax.
  2. If the pattern input is omitted or missing, NxMatch return a #VALUE! error.
  3. In the event the input pattern includes Caret ("^") and dollar -sign ("$"), the partial flag is ignored.


  Formula Description (Result)
  =NxMatch("test this string","foo") FALSE
  =NxMatch("test this string","test") TRUE
  =NxMatch("test this string","Test",,FALSE) FALSE

Files Examples


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