X13ASCOMP - X-13ARIMA-SEATS Output Time Series

Returns the value of an X-13ARIMA-SEATS model output component (e.g., adjusted, trend, seasonal or irregular).


X13ASCOMP (model, component, dt)

Required. Is a unique identifier that designates an X-13ARIMA-SEATS model created earlier with the X13 Wizard.
Optional. Is an identifier of the output component (0= Seasonal Adjusted (default),1= Trend, 2= Seasonal, 3= Irregular).
Value Component
0 Final seasonal adjusted component (default).
1 Final trend component.
2 Final seasonal component.
3 Final irregular component.
Optional. Is the date of the desired observation. If omitted, the entire time series of the component is returned.


The X13ASCOMP(.) function is available starting with version 1.67 MARTHA.


  1. The underlying X-13ARIMA-SEATS model is described here.
  2. The time series is homogeneous or equally spaced.
  3. If the date value is later than the input data set size and forecast horizon, X13ASCOMP returns "#N/A!".
  4. If the date value is earlier than the input series start date, X13ASCOMP returns "#VALUE!".
  5. If the component argument value is not supported, X13ASCOMP returns "#VALUE!".

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