GLM_CHECK - Verify GLM Parameters' Values

Examines the model's parameters for constraints (e.g., positive variance, etc.)


GLM_CHECK(Betas, Phi, Lvk)
are the coefficients of the GLM model (a one-dimensional array of cells (e.g., rows or columns)).
is the GLM dispersion paramter. Phi is only meaningful for Binomial (1/batch or trial size) and Gaussian (variance).
Distribution PHI
Gaussian Variance
Poisson 1.0
Binomial Reciprocal of the batch/trial size
is the link function that describes how the mean depends on the linear predictor (1=Identity (default), 2=Log, 3=Logit, 4=Probit, 5=Log-Log).
Link Description
1 Identity (residuals ~ Normal distribution)
2 Log (residuals ~ Poisson distribution)
3 Logit (residuals ~ Binomial distribution)
4 Probit(residuals ~ Binomial distribution)
5 Complementary log-log (residuals ~ Binomial distribution)


  1. The underlying model is described here.
  2. The GLM_CHECK function primarily examines the value of the dispersion factor (Phi):
    • The dispersion factor (Phi) must equal 1(one) for Poisson distribution.
    • The dispersion factor (Phi) must be greater than zero and less than one for Binomial distribution.
    • For Gaussian distribution, the dispersion coefficient (Phi) must be positive. 

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