End-of-Life Summary

NumXL Software Releases

As part of our ongoing product lifecycle management process, older versions of NumXL will be transitioned to an "End-of-Life" status as more current and efficient versions become available.

Kindly use the table below for official information on NumXL releases that have reached their End-of-Life milestones.

NumXL Version Release Date End-of-Sales (EOS)* End-of-Life (EOL)**
1.68 (CAMEL) May 23rd, 2022 - -
1.67 (MARTHA) Dec 22nd, 2021 May 23rd, 2022 May 23rd, 2023
1.66 (PARSON) Dec 2nd, 2019 Dec 22nd, 2021 Dec 31st, 2022
1.65 (HAMMOCK) May 19th, 2017 Dec 2nd, 2019 Dec 2nd, 2020
1.64 (TURRET) Dec 25th, 2016 May 19th, 2017 May 19th, 2018
1.63 (SHAMROCK) Jun 5th, 2014 Dec 25th, 2016 Dec 25th, 2017

* EOS means the End-of-Sales date for older versions of NumXL after the release of a newer version.

** EOL means the End-of-Life date for older versions of NumXL that have been outdated by at least one whole year from the EOS date.


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