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I recently switched a user over from Office 2013 32-bit to Office 2013 64-bit. They already had the 32-bit version of NumXL installed (1.63). Now that the computer is running Office 64-bit, NumXL (understandably) does not work. However, when I attempt to uninstall NumXL 32-bit it gives me an error saying I need to have Excel 32-bit installed. Do I really need to go back to Office 32-bit just to get NumXL 32-bit uninstalled?


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    In short, no you don't.

    The problem you are seeing is caused by the NumXL uninstaller examining for Excel installation location, as it needs to removes the NumXL add-in registry entries under Excel. Since you removed Excel 32-bit, this is not longer an issue..

    To proceed, you'd need to remove NumXL 32-bit manually, by deleting the installation directory.Depend how NumXL was installed, you'd find the installation directory either:

    • (NumXL was installed for "Everyone"): C:\Program Files(x86)\NumXL
    • (NumXL was installed "Only For Me"): C:\users\<usermane>\AppData\roaming\NumXL

    Once you have deleted the installation folder, go back to control panel --> Program & Features, and try to uninstall NumXL. This is will generate an error, and prompt you to remove the NumXL entry from the programs list, you should accept.

    That's it. 

    Next, download the 64-bit version of NumXL and install it for your user.

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