Using NumXL with multiple Excel installations on the same machine?


I have Excel 2000 and Excel 2007 on my machine. NumXL appears before Help with the 2007 version, but not 2000. My preference would be to run NumXL with the 2000 version or both. It it possible to do this somehow?


  • During the installation, NumXL detects Excel with higher version and registers the add-ins with it.  To use NumXL in the lower-version Excel, you need to register NumXL add-ins manually using Excel's add-in manager.

    See the link below

    Bear in mind, the NumXL UI add-in comes in two forms: 2003 edition(NumXLUI.xla)  and 2007 edition (NumXLUI.xlam).

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  • In our NumXL 1.59 Tuscon update 7 (1.59.41339.1), the installer program will copy the NumXL UI for 2003 and 2007 for 32-bit excel.

    As a result, you have all files needed to load NumXL in Excel 2003 and/or 2007+ on the same machine (and, if you wish at the same time).

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