X-12-ARIMA run-time error: method 'Formula' of object 'Range' failed


I am trying NumXL 1.60 (Apache) release, and it gives me an error when I try to perform a seasonal adjustment on my data.

Below, please find the screen shot of the error dialog.

NOTE: I am using the 64-bit version of NumXL on MS Office 2013 (64-bit) and Windows 8


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  • The reported problem is happening on one user's machine. The same user was not able tot reproduce the problem on a different machines.

    We have not (yet)  been able to reproduce the reported error on our side (English and non-English Excel installation).

    While working with the user, the error traced back to an Excel function call that our add-in is making, but it does not explain why the error was occurring.

    Please, report to us immediately if you encounter the same of similar error.


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