No NumXL functions in the fx-menu (insert function)


I just installed the trial of NumXL 1.61 Bolas for 32-bit Microsoft Excel 2010. I checked whether the add-in was checked in the add-ins menu. This is the case. The problem is that the NumXL functions are not recognized and that I cannot access them through the fx-menu (insert function). However, the NumXL ribbon is being displayed in the excel menu.


  • I have seen this problem before; I assume you installed NumXL for everyone on your machine. although the add-ins are showed as enabled, Excel is not actually loading it. I trust you have activated the trial key, right?

    To get around this problem, please go to the add-ins manager in excel; uncheck NumXL and NumXLUI check-boxes, click OK. Then, go back to the add-ins manager, check them back and hit OK.

    This is a one time thing, so next time you launch excel, you don't have to do that.

    Here's a link to similar issue:
    -- NumXL tab is not appearing on my excel ribbon

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  • In NumXL 1.61 update 7 (1.61.41485.1), this issue is addressed.

    1. The installer will not enable the add-ins when the user select "Install for everyone".
    2. Similar to Excel Solver and Analysis Pack, the user must enable the add-ins using Excel add-ins manager.
    3. NumXL has two add-in: NumXL and NumXLUI. User must check (enable) both add-ins.
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