How does the coupon/voucher discount system work?


I am associated staff member at XYZ University, and I would like to order one single perpetual license for NumXL. How does the voucher system work. Not sure I fully understand it from the web site. I assume it is a one-off thing, but please confirm. Thanks.


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    The voucher/coupon is simply a code you apply at the checkout, and it will update the prices accordingly.

    As an associate staff member, you qualify for 25% discount on the listed price.

    To verify eligibility, please email us at using your school email account, and we'll send you the coupon/voucher code.

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  • You say that the voucher is valid through July 23. I guess what you mean is that if I place an order until that date, the discount is valid?

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  • I meant this coupon code is valid to july 23, so if you place an order before then, you can use this coupon code. Otherwise, contact me again and I will issue you a new code.

    You are eligible to receive discount regardless when you place the order.

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