NumXL Add-in entries disappear from Add-in managers


I am using Palaside Add-in.

The problem I have is when I open Palaside add-in, it launches excel but I can't see NumXL tab or any NumXL worksheet function.

I tried to go to the Excel add-ins manager, but the NumXL and NumXL toolbar looks enabled. 

To activate NumXL, I have to uncheck the NumXL and NumXL Toolbar entries in Excel add-ins manager, click OK, and then go back and re-select those entries.



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  • I believe that Palaside add-ins are loading Excel using an API called "CreateObject", and with this method, Excel does not load any add-ins (not just NumXL).

    Here is the URL for the issue in MS KB:


    As a workaround, please go to Excel add-ins manager, and locate NumXL and NumXL Toolbar entries, uncheck them and click OK. Next, go back to Excel add-ins manager and select/check NumXL and NumXL Toolbar entries and click OK.


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