Hey, I have the latest NumXL add-in installed (trial so far). I'm trying to use the interpolation function, and it only just doesn't work correctly.

I have a few time-series for 27 countries for 20 years. Once in a while, I have missing data, which I wanted to fill in through an interpolation method.

  • For one country: create a new excel worksheet where "year" is in column A, and the values are in column B and try to interpolate (time interpolation) it works.  
  • For all countries: put all countries (names) in column A and their values in column B, and try to interpolate (geographical) interpolation. It doesn't work correctly.

First, in both cases, I get the same values on all methods (1,2,3,4). Second I watched the tutorial on youtube. The function offers value (different for each technique) where it is missing, leaving the others as they are. For me, it doesn't happen that. It just changes all my numbers (on Column C, D..F) from the original, and at the same time, they are all the same between methods used. What is wrong


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    You may use the interpolate function to interpolate one (or an array of) target values. I suspect you are passing an array of target values (or cells), in which case, the interpolating function is returning an array of values, but you can only see the first value.

    To give you a better answer, please send your worksheet to our support staff at ( to understand what is going on and resolve it.

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