How to re-enable automatic calculation in excel?


I have a spreadsheet with several calculations and DDE links. After I installed NumXL the spreadsheet stopped calculating automatically: I have to press F9 every time I want calculations to be updated. But as I work with DDE links, it´s mandatory to have everything being updated automatically in real-time. How do I fix this?


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  • NumXL should have restored the automatic calculation, but it appears some operation must have terminated prematurely.

    Anyway, to re-enable the automatic calculation:

    1. In Excel 2007 and later: Go to the FORMULAS tab, locate the Calculation Options icon (rhs), and select automatic calculation.


    2. In Excel 2003 or earlier, Go to "Tools" in the menu, and select "Options". Once the options dialog is up, select the "Calculations" tab




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