I have activated the license key, but I can't get NumXL to load in Excel


Hello, I have windows 7 Pro machine (64-bit) with Microsoft Office 2013 (64-bit) version. This machine does not have an internet connection, so I had never updated windows after I installed it.

I have installed NumXL 1.63 on my machine, and activated the license key (annual license) successfully. The problem is when I open Excel, I can't find any of NumXL worksheet functions. Furthermore, the About NumXL dialog does not show my license key.

Can you please help me!


  • Please, send me NumXL log file (NumXL.log) to see what is going on. You can find the log file under: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Spider Financial\NumXL 1.63

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  • This is very unusual; the log file shows an error in the secure digital signature of the license DLL (SFLUC.dll). Please, go to NumXL installation directory (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NumXL, locate the file SFLUC.dll, and with your mouse right click and select properties. 

    The file properties dialog will pop up, switch to the "Digital Signature" tab, select the certificate and click on Details



    Now, the certificate details should pops up. Typically, it should look something like this:


    Under the "Digital Signature Information", it should states it is OK.


    If there is any issue with the certificate, click on "View Certificate" button:


    Switch to "Certification Path", to examine any problem with actual certificate or any of the root or intermediaries certificate authorities.


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  • The digital signature information stated that, certificate can not be verified. Upon examining the certification Path, the top level "USERTrust" is not found or registered in Windows as a trusted certificate authority (CA).

    What should I do?


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  • This problem is probably due to an outdated Windows installation. You can either update your system (recommended), or install the certificate for USERTRust manually into your system.

    To install the USERTrust CA into your system, do the following:

    1. Download the USERTrust certificate from Comodo support website
    2. Open Internet Explorer (IE), and click on Tools --> Internet Options
    3. The IE Options dialog pops up. Switch to "Content" tab
    4. .IE-Options-contents.png
    5. Now, in the "Content tab", select certificates, and the certificates dialog pops upCertificates-Trusted-Root-Import.png
    6. Select the "Trusted Root" tab, and click on "Import"
    7. The Trusted Root Import Wizard pops up, locate the USERTrust certificate on you file system, and complete the import process.
    8. Next, Restart Excel.
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