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Grayed out icons

Hi, I am using NumXL 1.63 (shamrock) with a 14-day trial license, but some of the icons in the toolbar don't work. For example, the data preparation button looks grey and I cannot click it.

 What kind of problem am I facing? 


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    The disabled (grayed-out) icons/buttons in the NumXL toolbar are by design. These are functions that we are currently (actively) working on for future versions.

    Having said so, many of the functions (grayed out in the toolbar) are already available in a worksheet function form; for example: resample, filtering (NxBK, NxHP, NxConv, etc.), and many more.

    The reason why we have the grayed out icons in the first place is to serve as a future roadmap of NumXL. For example, we are currently working on Model Detection and MC Simulation modules for the next version of NumXL. We are quickly rolling out our new features, so please bear with us this time.

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