Test of equality of variances


I am wondering if it´s possible to perform a Pfanzagl-test (or to compare the variances of two independent samples.

I´ve already conducted a Fisher-test/F-test to compare the variances  of those two independent samples but therefore the samples have to be normally distributed  so I would like to know how to conduct a Pfanzagl-test.


  • This F-test is known to be extremely sensitive to non-normality,so Levene's test, Bartlett's test, or the Brown–Forsythe test are better tests for testing the equality of two variance

    The immediate generalization of the problem outlined above is to situations where there are more than two groups or populations, and the hypothesis is that all of the variances are equal. This is the problem treated by Hartley's test and Bartlett's test.

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  • I know of the Pfanzagl-test of a statistical publication of the year 1998, so that it´s not a new test.

    It´s a test to check if two independent samples have the same variances. To conduct this test a normal distribution is not necessary.

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