Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)


Great News! Customers based in seventeen (17) European Union countries may now purchase the NumXL product or a NumXL subscription with the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) as a payment method.

What is SEPA?


The Single Euro Payments Area is an EU initiative to create a single market for euro-denominated payments.

What is SEPA Direct Debit Payment?

SEPA Direct Debit is a payment transfer that is initiated by the service provider (e.g., NumXL) to allow automated payments from the customer’s bank account.

The SEPA Direct Debit payment is commonly used for recurring payments such as automated payments for a monthly subscription charge (can also be used for one-time payments) and requires a pre-authorization (mandate) from the customer.

How long does SEPA Direct Debit Payment take? SEPA Direct Debit transactions usually take 3 business days before the customer is charged. Once the customer has been charged, it will take an additional 3 business days to complete the order and generate a license key.

How about subscription renewals? The SEPA Direct Debit supports automatic billing for subscriptions. NumXL – through our reseller (FastSpring) – will bill customers again when their subscription is due for renewal. To cancel the subscription, customers should decline the automatic billing.

Currently, NumXL supports SEPA payments for customers in the following countries:

  • Austria (AT).
  • Belgium (BE).
  • Cyprus (CY).
  • Denmark (DK).
  • Estonia (EE).
  • Finland (FI).
  • France (FR).
  • Germany (DE).
  • Greece (GR).
  • Ireland (IE).
  • Italy (IT).
  • Netherlands (NL).
  • Poland (PL).
  • Portugal (PT).
  • Spain (ES).
  • Sweden (SE).
  • Switzerland (CH).

For more information on SEPA, please visit:


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