File is Corrupted Error Message


The installer doesn't start. Instead, Windows says the file is corrupted.


If you have just downloaded NumXL or any of our products, and you receive an error that says that the file is corrupted, or that installation will not start, please make sure that you did not download the product into a network drive. Also, make sure you did not click "Run" when you had the option to "Save As/Save". Our programs will not start if this is the case. If the situation does not apply to you, please contact our support team and we will look into the matter.


  • A user reported the following: I tried repeatedly to install your free trial of NumXL but the file of size ~48MB would not install, and it is  giving an error of incomplete installation file

    Please, make sure you download the installer from our official website, and you save the installer file to your disk, and wait for the download to be complete before you try to run it. Depending on your location and your internet connection speed, the time to download may vary from a few seconds to one or two minutes.


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