NumXL not found in Excel


I installed NumXL as both limited and superuser, but it won't show in Excel anymore, what do I do?


For installation, If you installed NumXL as a local and superuser on separate accounts on the same machine, then tried to log in on one of the other accounts, but NumXL no longer loads in Excel, you will have to re-enable the plugin.

Go to the Developer tab (File (tab) --> Options; in "Categories", click "Customize Ribbon"; in the list of main tabs, choose "Developer", then click "OK".) Click on "Add-ins". You will see "NumXL X and "NumXL UI X" (where X are the version numbers.) Make sure both are checked. If they are not, check them, then click "OK". Restart Excel.

For uninstall, the case is the same as the installation. Make sure that your plugin is enabled (check above for instructions in your Excel version).


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