Feature Request


A feature is not available, can you develop it?


Yes! We're always looking for great feature requests, and we try to incorporate the best ones into each release. These contributions have helped make our products what they are today.

To start, please do the following:

  1. Go to our feature request forum on our support portal.
  2. Browse through the existing feature requests to make sure that no similar request exists.
    • If no similar request exists, create a new one by clicking on the "suggest an idea" button.
    • If you find a similar request but does not exactly match what you have in mind, please "add a comment" on the same request page.
    • If you find a similar request, and it describes the feature adequately, please "subscribe" to this page.
  3. Going forward, you will be notified via email whenever a change is posted to this request (e,g. change in status (planned, Not planned, Done), a comment is posted, etc.)


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