Premier support customer service


Is there dedicated customer service for registered customers?


Yes, Premier Support is our support service agreement and can be purchased for $75/user/year for NumXL.

The Premier Support is offered to all customers (with a perpetual or annual license) at no additional charge for 1 year after the purchase date. For customers with a perpetual license, they can renew their Premier Support within that one year.

For Customers with an annual license, the Premier Service is automatically renewed when their software license is renewed at no additional cost.

Premier Support entitles you to the following

  • Free product enhancement updates
  • Guaranteed free upgrade to the next version of NumXL.
  • Ability to renew the support subscription
  • Access to bug fixes and nightly builds without waiting for official releases
  • Access to technical support help from the NumXL support staff with a guaranteed response time of one(1) business day.

Any support emails that we receive from users who have purchased Premier Support will be automatically redirected to the Premier Support queue.

Reference: NumXL Service Level Agreement


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