License key activation


What is the NumXL license key activation?


License key activation is our method to unlock the add-in on a given computer. The license key can be activated only on one computer.

When you download the add-in, we send you an email with a personal trial license key and instructions to finish the download process. During the trial period, the add-in is fully functional. After the trial period, the license key remains valid, but the software runs in restricted functionality mode (i.e., freeware).

For registered users, a permanent license key is sent as part of the purchase process. This key has no expiry, and upon successful activation, the add-in remains fully functional forever.

If you need any assistance locating your license key, contact us.

The license key activation is not mandatory, and our add-in will continue to work with two main exceptions:

  1. it will run in restricted functionality (i.e., freeware mode).
  2. A message box will pop up to remind you to register your license key every time Excel starts.

Whether or not you are registered for the professional version, please activate your license key.


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