Activation Issue for Names containing Special Characters


License Activation Issues For Names And Usernames With Special Character(s) Or Non-English Letters.


The license manager checks a user's name and their computer username against a limited set of alphabets. Occasionally, a user with a special character (e.g. É, Ê, etc.) in their first or last name will receive this error when he/she tries to activate their license key.

This figure shows the error message that appears when trying to activate NumXL License while the Name / Username contains Special Characters or Non-English letters.

We have corrected this issue in our NumXL Version 1.64, which is set to be released soon. For now, 1.63 users can bypass this issue by completing the following list:

  1. When installing, make sure that the install for everyone is checked and that the computer account being used has administrative permissions.
  2. After installing you will need to check the NumXL Toolbar and NumXL boxes in the add-in manager. Information on how to do this can be found here: How to Find Your Excel Add-in Manager


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