Using NumXL Functions in Excel Sheet


How do I use NumXL functions directly as part of my formulas in Excel sheet?


NumXL allows you to directly reference/use its functions in your worksheet in the same way you would with any built-in Excel functions.

In order to illustrate the use of a NumXL function within an Excel sheet, consider the following example:

NumXL Insert Function

  • Open MS Excel and create a series of 20 numbers.
  • Using the Excel toolbar, Click the "Insert function" field (labeled "fx").
  • An "Insert Function" dialog pops up.

Function Arguments Dialog

  • Using the dialog fields, fill in the function input by selecting cells from your worksheet.
  • For more information about this particular function, click on the "Help on this function" hyperlink to bring up the help file.
  • Once you are done, click OK.


  • Num XL doesn't not show up as in the first diagram for me. So what should I do?

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  • The NumXL functions are only visible if you install and activated NumXL add-in. Please, check "About NumXL" menu under "Info" (right-most icon) in NumXL toolbar.

    In rare occasions, the NumXL add-in was disabled in the Excel add-ins manager, so check the Excel add-ins manager and make sure the NumXL entry is enabled (aka. checked).

    To locate Excel add-ins manager, please see the following article:

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