Installing NumXL

A brief tutorial about installing NumXL for the first time on your computer.

Video script

Scene 1: NumXL Home Page

Hello and welcome to the NumXL installation tutorial. In this video, I will walk you through the steps to install NumXL version 1.68 (CAMEL). To start, launch your favorite internet browser and enter the NumXL website URL ( Next, locate and click on the green “Free Trial” button:

Scene 2: Free Trial Page

Alternatively, you may enter the download page URL: On the download page, take a moment and review the minimum system requirements. If you have an older version of NumXL (version 1.66 or earlier), please uninstall it before you proceed. When ready, press the download button.

Scene 3: Open Download

Next, the NumXL installer will begin downloading to your machine. Go to the Downloads section of your browser and click on the “Show Files” or “Folder Location” item.

Scene 4: NumXL in Downloads

Next, the browser opens a new file explorer window listing all the downloaded files. Locate the NumXL installer file, and double-click to launch it.

Scene 5: Install Wizard

The NumXL installer window pops up. Please follow this link to examine the end-user license terms. If you accept the terms of the NumXL license, you may proceed and click on the “Install” button. Note the “Shield” icon to the left of the Install button. This indicates that the installer requires elevated permission to install NumXL. If you have an administrator-type user account on your local machine, you may proceed. Otherwise, contact your local administrator for assistance with the installation. In either case, press the “Install” button to proceed.

Scene 6: Press Install

The NumXL installation process starts. First, it examines the system and software requirements. Next, it downloads the required components.

Scene 7: Setup Successful

The installation is now finished copying files to your computer and setting up the add-in with Microsoft Excel. Click the close button.

Scene 8: Press Request a Trial License

Once the installation is complete, the installer launches the NumXL License Manager. With the License Manager, you may request a new trial license and/or enter an existing license key to activate NumXL on your machine. For now, let’s request a new trial license key. Click the “Request Trial Key” button.

Scene 9: Get Trial Key

A new dialog box pops up. Enter your information: name, email, etc.

Scene 10: Fill Info

And press on the “Get Trial Key” button when you’re finished.

Scene 11: Trial Pop-up

A pop-up confirmation message appears informing you that you will receive your license key shortly. Please check your email inbox as well as your spam/junk folders and copy your license key. Once you receive the license key email, go back to the License Manager to enter and activate it.

Scene 12: Direct Activation Option

NumXL License Manager supports two options to enter and activate the license key: Direct and Manual options. We strongly recommend using the direct connection option. Only revert to the manual if the direct connection method experiences network time-outs. Let’s start with the direct connection. First, make sure the direct connection is selected. Next, press the “Next button.”

Scene 13: Pre-filled Info

The form with user information is displayed. Notice that information entered during the “Request Trial Key” are pre-filled. Enter the license key code that you have just received.

Scene 14: Fill Info

Once you entered the license key, click the “Next” button.

Scene 15: Press Next

The License Manager takes a few seconds to verify your contact information and license key.

Scene 16: Finish

Upon successful activation, the license key is now activated and the finish page is displayed. Press the “Finish” button.

Scene 17: Manual Activation Option

In the rare event that a direct connection fails to complete due to slow internet, server issue(s), or a strict security setup, License Manager provides an alternative activation method – Manual. Let’s demonstrate how this works. First, select the “Manual, Phone or E-Mail” option and press the “Next” button.

Scene 18: Get Activation Code

On the following page, enter the “License key” code you received in the email. Then, click the “Get Activation Code” button.

Scene 19: Manual Web Info

The License Manager launches your default web browser and takes you to the NumXL website. In the manual activation web form, the data entries are pre-filled per your input, so you only need to click on the “Submit” button.

Scene 20: Manual Activation Code

The webform activates the license key for the given machine and displays the activation code in green. Select or double-click the code string.

Scene 21: Manual Code Selection

Copy the selected text to your clipboard. You can do so by pressing CTRL+C or pressing the right mouse button.

Scene 22: Manual – Right Click

From the pop-up menu, select the copy option.

Scene 23: Paste Code

Go back to the NumXL License Manager window and paste the activation code. Next, press the “Next” button.

Scene 24: Manual – Finish

The License Manager verifies your license key and activation code. The activation is successful. The license key is now activated on your machine and the finish page is displayed. Press the “Finish” button.

Scene 25: Open Excel

To examine NumXL, let’s launch Microsoft Excel.

Scene 26: Close Excel Warning

The first time you launch Excel, NumXL displays a message box to advise you that your NumXL subscription has been updated. This is fine. Click the OK button.

Scene 27: Excel Home

Create a new Excel workbook.

Scene 28: Excel Home

In the blank workbook, notice the new “NumXL” tab on the right. Click the NumXL tab.

Scene 29: Excel Sheet – NumXL Tab

For additional confirmation of license activation, notice the active state of the numerous icons and menus in the NumXL tab. You now have access to all of NumXL’s functions.


Now you know how to activate your NumXl license using both the direct and manual activation options. Thanks for watching.


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