Site Licenses


My company/organization would like several licenses, do you offer site licenses?


Yes, we do!

A site license is a single license key given to a company or organization with 5 or more users. You may be eligible for bulk and academic discounts depending on the number of users and organizations. You can find our academic discounts for site licenses here.

What is the minimum number of users required for a site license?

We can make a site license that will give you the flexibility to add future users if you are unsure about how many users you'll need.

How do you support a site license?

All support must be handled through the primary contact person chosen by your company/organization. We can be reached at or through our online chat on our website at Please keep your license key handy so that we may look up your account quickly.


A site license will only have one primary contact for billing purposes. We will bill based on how many users are needed. A customer can increase the number of users at any time and we'll bill for the new users prorated up to the next renewal date. A customer can also reduce the number of users, but the cost difference will not take effect until the next renewal. We do not offer any partial refunds or customer credit. The customer will also be billed directly by us, not through our reseller, annually two weeks prior to expiration.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept a wide range of methods: credit/debit card, check, wire, PayPal, etc. All we ask is that you keep in mind the time it will take to process your payment given the method you chose. This is to make sure that your subscription does not default or cancel.

How do I get started?

Please have the primary contact send an email to with the number of users who would like a license. We will then send you a detailed invoice indicating the number of users.

Once we receive notice that our invoice has been paid, we will issue your license key for you to distribute to the appropriate users.


Please download our software depending on the bit requirements of your Excel. Please make sure that Excel has been closed before running the installer. After you run the installer, please insert the license key and email associated with the site license and continue through the screens. The next time you open Excel NumXL will be there waiting for you!


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