A holiday is a day designated as having special significance for individuals, governments or religious groups. Typically, a holiday does not necessarily exclude doing normal work but for our purposes, NumXL assumes all supported holidays (e.g. National Holidays) exclude normal work.

Observed holidays and actual dates for particular holidays (e.g. Easter) may vary between countries, so in NumXL a holiday code is prefixed by the country ISO code (e.g. USA, CAN, GBR, etc.).

As of version 1.56 (Zebra), NumXL supports 117 different holidays in the following 10 countries:

United States (USA)
Code Description
USA-NYD New Year’s Day
USA-MLK Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
USA-PRS Birthday of George Washington
USA-MEM US Memorial Day
USA-IND US Independence Day
USA-LAB US Labor Day
USA-COL Columbus Day
USA-VET US Veterans Day
USA-THK US Thanksgiving Day
USA-CHR Christmas Day
USA-GDF US Good Friday
Code Description
CAN-NYD New Year's Day in Canada
CAN-GDF Good Friday in Canada
CAN-VICTORIA Victoria Day in Canada
CAN-CIVIC Civic/Provincial Day in Canada   
CAN-LABOR Labour Day in Canada
CAN-THK Thanksgiving Day in Canada
CAN-REM Remembrance Day in Canada
CAN-CHR Christmas in Canada
CAN-BOX Boxing Day in Canada
EU Countries (EUC)
Code Description
EUC-CHR Christmas Day
EUC-BOX Boxing Day
EUC-GDF Good Friday
EUC-EAST Easter Monday
EUC-NYD New year - Unadjusted
Great Britain (GBR)
Code Description
GBR-NYD New Years in Britain
GBR-GDF Good Friday
GBR-EAST Easter Monday
GBR-MISC Royal Wedding Bank Holiday
GBR-EMAY Early May Bank Holiday
GBR-MAY Spring Bank Holiday
GBR-SUMMER Summer Bank Holiday
GBR-BOX Boxing Day
GBR-CHR Christmas
Switzerland (CHE)
Code Description
CHE-BERCH Berchtold Day
CHE-NYD New Year's day
CHE-GDF Good Friday
CHE-EAST Easter Monday
CHE-MAY May Day in Switzerland
CHE-ANS Ascension Day
CHE-WIT Whit Monday
CHE-NATIONAL Swiss National Day
CHE-STEPHEN St. Stephen's Day in Switzerland
CHE-CHR Christmas Day
Japan (JPN)
Code Description
JPN-NYD New Year's Day
JPN-NYD2 January 2
JPN-NYD3 January 3
JPN-AGE Coming of Age Day in Japan
JPN-FOUND National Foundation Day
JPN-EQUINOX Spring Equinox in Japan
JPN-SHOWA Shōwa Day in Japan
JPN-MEM Constitution Memorial Day in Japan
JPN-GREEN Greenery Day in Japan
JPN-CHILD Children's Day in Japan
JPN-SEA Sea Day in Japan
JPN-RESPECT Respect for the Aged Day in Japan
JPN-AUTEQUINOX Autumn Equinox in Japan
JPN-SPORT Sports Day in Japan
JPN-CULTURE Culture Day in Japan
JPN-LAB Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan
JPN-EMPR Emperor's Birthday in Japan
JPN-DEC31 December 31 Bank Holiday
Australia (AUS)
Code Description
AUS-NYD New Year's Day in Australia
AUS-NATION Australia Day in Australia
AUS-GDF Good Friday in Australia
AUS-EAST Easter Monday in Australia
AUS-ANZAC Anzac Day in Australia
AUS-MISC Additional Public Holiday in Australia
AUS-QUEEN Queen's Birthday in Australia
AUS-NSWALES New South Wales Bank Holiday in Australia
AUS-LAB Labour Day in Australia
AUS-BOX Boxing Day in Australia
AUS-CHR Christmas Day in Australia
AUS-CHRBOX Christmas/Boxing Day Holiday in Australia
New Zealand (NZL)
Code Description
NZL-NYD New Year's Day in New Zealand
NZL-NYD2 Day after New Year's Day in New Zealand
NZL-WAIT Waitangi Day in New Zealand
NZL-GDF Good Friday in New Zealand
NZL-EAST Easter Monday in New Zealand
NZL-ANZAC Anzac Day in New Zealand
NZL-QUEEN Queen's Birthday in New Zealand
NZL-LAB Labour Day in New Zealand
NZL-CHR Christmas Day in New Zealand
NZL-BOX Boxing Day in New Zealand
Saudi Arabia (SAU)
Code Description
SAU-NATION Saudi National Day in Saudi Arabia
SAU-FITR Eid-al-Fitr
Israel (ISR)
Code Description
SAU-NATION Saudi National Day in Saudi Arabia
ISR-PURIM Purim (Deliverance of the Jews) in Israel
ISR-PESACHI Pesach I (First day of Passover) in Israel
ISR-PESACHVII/td> Pesach VII (Last day of Passover) in Israel
ISR-HOLO Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel
ISR-MEM Memorial Day in Israel
ISR-IND Independence Day in Israel
ISR-PENT Shavuot (Pentecost) in Israel
ISR-TISHA Tisha B'Av in Israel
ISR-ROSH Rosh Hashana (New Year) in Israel
ISR-KIPPUR Yom Kippur in Israel
ISR-SUKKOT Sukkot I in Israel
ISR-SIMCHAT Simchat Torah
ISR-CHANUKAH Holiday of lights (Chanukah)


  • A holiday may span multiple days (e.g. EIDS for muslims).
  • The holiday code has a "(COUNTRY [-/:]) CODE" covention, where the country (optional) is denoted by a 3-character ISO code (e.g. GBR, CAN, etc.).
  • In case a holiday code is given without a country prefix, The default of USA is assumed.



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