Weekend and Long-weekend Date Functions

As of Excel 2007, Microsoft supports different weekend occurrences in the international version of the date functions (e.g. WORKDAY.INTL). The weekend conventions are defined by either a number or a 7-characters long string (code).

Weekend conventions specify which days of the week are weekends. The weekend convention is defined by a weekend number (1-7 and 11-17) or by a weekend string. Weekend string values are seven characters long and each character in the string represents a day of the week, starting with Monday. 1 represents a non-workday and 0 represents a workday. Only the characters 1 and 0 are permitted in the string. 1111111 is an invalid string, for example.

The weekend number (and weekends string) values indicate the following weekend days:

Weekend-Number Weekend Days Weekend Code
1 Saturday, Sunday 0000011
2 Sunday, Monday 1000001
3 Monday, Tuesday 1100000
4 Tuesday, Wednesday 0110000
5 Wednesday, Thursday 0011000
6 Thursday, Friday 0001100
7 Friday, Saturday 0000110
11 Sunday only 0000001
12 Monday only 1000000
13 Tuesday only 0100000
14 Wednesday only 0010000
15 Thursday only 0001000
16 Friday only 0000100
17 Saturday only 0000010


  • A weekend is said to be a long-weekend if a holiday falls immediately before or after this weekend. NumXL has support for long and short weekends as of version 1.56 (Zebra).


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