X12ARIMA is not working


I am an enterprise user and I'm facing a problem when running the X12ARIMA functionality (e.g. seasonal adjustment, etc.) on my work computer, while it works perfectly on my personal notebook.


By default, NumXL installer program places all files in a sub-folder under %AppData% (i.e. c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NumXL). This is a common practice for installing software on a per-user basis and does not require elevated administrative permission for installation.

In many environments, the MIS/IT folks implemented strict software restriction policies for their users' %AppData% folder (and sub-folders) to prevent potentially harmful programs from running in those folders.

Unfortunately, in such environments with strict software restriction policies for %AppData%, the X12ARIMA programs could not be run and such, render the X12ARIMA functionality inoperable.


We recommend our users to move the installation directory outside the %AppData%, by simply re-installing NumXL, but this time, select a different installation directory (e.g. C:\NumXL) from the default one.


Starting with version 1.67 (MARTHA), NumXL supports the latest U.S. Census X13ARIMA-SEATS seasonal adjustment software. The U.S. Census does not maintain the X12ARIMA seasonal adjustment software, and NumXL includes this model to help our customers migrate existing X12 models to the X13 equivalents.


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